I can't resist

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I actually promised myself I wouldn't buy any MAC Limited edition for the rest of the year. Well...didn't go as planned right?! :D
I just couln't help it and had to pick up one of their lipsticks from the "glitter and ice" collection. It is this absolutely stunning and gorgeous red called "What joy!" and I love it!! I think this will become my new favourite for the cold season. It is the perfect wine red, without a pink undertone...so it is not berry. It is hard to describe, I just think it looks fantastic on the lips and it has a subtle sheen to it as it is a satin finish, which I like quite much since I am all for rather matte lipsticks, I am not a lipgloss girl :-)
Another purchase I made was this absolutely incredible nailpolish from Nubar called "Indigo Illusion". It's one of their most famous colors and I can absolutely see why, it looks awesome on the nails. It has this duochrome finish which means depending on the light it looks blueish/green like the sea or purple with hints of golden glitter in it. It is soo pretty,definitely my fall color for the nails!
Next week more outiftposts, stay tuned...
xoxo V.


  1. der lippenstift ist richtig schön :)


    & schau mal vorbei :

    Fashion, Passion, Love ♥

  2. I think that MAC lipsticik is about to make its way to my wishlist too...muted reds are my fave!


  3. wonderful colour dear!
    love it- great taste!
    wish you a wonderful week.
    maren anita


  4. Wonderful color by MAC ... I really like to use MAC Cosmetics... thanks for sharing!

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Bloglovin