Skin Care Routine: Combination and Acne prone skin

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Hey guys, I thought I'd share with you the products I use for my skin care and to deal with acne. First off, all these products are what works for me, I cannot assure you that they will work for everbody else. If you really have problematic skin I always recommend consulting a dermatologist what I also did last summer as my acne has gotten reeeeeeeallly bad. She prescribed me some different birth control pills as I was clearly suffering from hormonic acne and the fact that I have rather oily skin in my T-Zone wasn't helping either. The products I use might seem a lot though I only use 3 of them daily (less is more, even with oily skin!!!) and the rest occasionally. They are as followed:
Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer for Combination Skin: I started using this recently and I absolutely love it. It is supposed to mattify your skin but at the same time keep it from looking dull and gives your skin a nice healthy glow and makes it feel very soft.
La Roche Posay Effaclar H Gentle Cleansing Foam: My dermatologist prescribed this to me last summer as my skin was completely damaged from all the harsh drugstore products I used. It is meant for oily skin that has been harmed from overdrying products. As my Lush Fresh Farmacy soap that i use in the mornings is a bit drying, I use this cleansing foam every night and I really like it.
Lush Fresh Farmacy soap is my go to, holy grail face product. I would never ever use another cleanser to treat acne. It works miracles and I totally swear by it. Just 2 days after I started using this my skin looked so much better and clearer. It has sanitizing and soothing ingredients that are perfect for problematic skin. I recommend using a nourishing moisturizer though as it can be a bit drying.
The Body Shop seaweed exfoliator: As someone who has combination skin and rather large pores, the occasional facial scrub is a must.  I really feel that this one gets out all the dirt and dead scells from my pores and really leaves you with a glowing fresh skin. I sometimes use it when I take a shower.
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: Those of you who watch youtube beauty videos regularly probably already know this one as it is very popular in the beauty community. What can I say, it is cheap and it works. Best Facial mask there is in my book!
Nivea Clear-up strips for clogged pores also work miracles and I use them regularly, saying every 8-10 days.

So that's it. My skin care routine. Let me know what you use for your skin or if you also like some of the products I've mentioned! Stay tuned for some outfit pictures within the next days...
xoxo V.


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