Xmas Nails

So apparently this is what happens when I am actually supposed to learn:

I know it is blurry but this is how the glitter looks like when it is hit by lights

So right now I should learn for my upcoming Exportmanagement exam on Tuesday but my motivation level is below zero I guess. I don't know, it is christmas in 2 weeks, why do university exams always have to be around this time?! So unfair if you ask me! Anyways, thank god I am very quickly at learning and hopefully motivation will find its way back to me sometime in the afternoon haha
So instead i painted my nails: I wear H&M "Gold" Nailpolish which is BY FAR my favourite gold as it is suuuupereasy to apply and dries very quickly. On top of that is Essence's "Hello Holo" and on top of that is Essence's "Make it golden"...talk about layering haha :D
What do you guys wish for this Christmas? And have you bought all presents already? Have a nice weekend y'all
xoxo V.


  1. Love this sparkly nail polish! I just did a nail art post myself! <3

    Ellen xx

  2. haha my nails look exactly (!) the same right now... golden, with "make it golden" from essence on top! :)
    perfect for Christmas ;)