The girl with the dragon tattoo

Yes, the hype has finally caught me...after months that I've been dying to read the books but never had the time I bought all three of them today. I hope I'll can read them all during christmas holidays. I know there's a movie coming out these days but I usually prefer the books to the movies so I don't know if I am going to see this one. I also got 2 pieces from the Trish Summerville Collection to the movie. I looove the jeans/leather jacket and the Hoodie ist just perfection! I've been looking for quite some time to find the perfect Hoodie and had my eyes on one from American Apparel but I was not willing to pay more than 50 bucks and the H&M one only cost me 25€. It is supercozy and the hooded zipper, just so cool! X-mas money well spent I would say :-)

Ps.: Did I mention that the lovely lady at the H&M store packed my stuff in one of these huge yellow/pink "Versace for H&M" bags...not too shabby to walk home with haha
Stay tuned, xoxo V.

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