Into the wild

Wearing Primark Fake Fur hat, Pieces Boots, Gina Tricot Leggings and Shirt and my beloved Trish Summerville for H&M Hoodie

My gorgeous sister...I had to do her make-up :-)
Finally some outiftpictures again :-)
Still do not have my new camera, got it with the wrong camera lens, hopefully I'll get it within the next 2 days and then I'll be able to make better pictures. Anyways, we shot this pics and thought we would freeze to death but it was actually kinda warm...at least for this time of the year haha Now that Christmas is over, I don't need anymore snow, hope winter stays ways for at least the next 11 months (fingers crossed). Right now I am superbusy with planning my 3 month internship in Hanover and my new years eve party with Nina. And I still do NOT know what to wear on that occasion. I want it to be special but still something I can wear at other times too, hope my shopping trip tomorrow will be successful. Wish me luck :-)
xoxo V.


  1. hello!! thanks a lot for your comment!
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    love the outfit| the black cat!! AMAZING


  2. Love the outfit so cute. I gotta say this you've got such a nice body, everything looks so perfect on you!! ♥XOXO

  3. also die leggins schaut super aus finde ich auch, perfekt für silvester :)

    lg cupcakes & balloons

  4. killer tights!! and the tee is fierce too ;)

  5. hello tnks for follow me i go to follow u now!
    i love ur style ;)