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Since Christmas is coming up and i received my christmas money with my last paycheck i indulged a bit and went on a shopping spree this week :-)
Ever since i recognized them, i've been wanting to buy one of these yankee candles. First, because they smell incredible and second, because they look so lovely. I'm sure you can understand my excitement when I saw one of my favourites - smell wise - Vanilla cupcake on sale this week. It was destiny! I had to buy it! I also got myself 2 dresses from Zara though i am not completely sure about the left one. Unfortunately, compared to a model, my height is like that of a troll, so the dress is way to long for me. But since I like the detailing aroung the shoulders and the shape of the dress i think i'll keep it and just shorten it! I also got this small furry ball that you can attach to any bag you like. It is like the cutest thing on earth and ever since i have it on my bag i keep squeezing it haha Then i went to bodyshop and got myself their famous banana conditioner which smells heavenly. I really like how it works for my hair and how the smell lingers on the hair a little while after you washed it. I think it might replace my all time favourite - Lush's Retread conditioner - at least for now! And lastly i got myself the Cocoa Body Butter which smells sooooo good you guys, i am going nuts over the smell. Best part is that the smell lingers on you a great part of the day. My bodyskin gets usually extremely dry during winter time and i just wanted something to nourish it and i think that body butter works pretty well so far :-)
Tomorrow Nina will post some outfit pics from our trip to the Spittelberg christmas market, so stay tuned!
xoxo V.


  1. those two dresses you posted are also my favorite :)


  2. die sachen sehen alle echt gut aus! :)

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  4. Oh my, that candle and conditioner goes straight to my wishlist :))
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