Nelly High Heels Tour 2011: VIENNA

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Just snapped this pic before I left: I barely wore any make-up, just a hint of Benefit's "Sugarbomb" on my cheek, Nivea Lash Revolution Mascara paired with a very thin line of MAC Fluidline Gel eyeline and on my lips "Girl About town" from Mac which is my current favourite :-)

source: Puls4.com

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source: oe4.com
Vodka cranberry and our goodie bags filled with nice stuff

Last night Nina and me attended the Nelly "High Heels tour" party at the Box/Hilton Vienna. We were among the lucky ones who got to choose a pair of shoes from the new collection that isn't even out yet. I can't wait to have the shoes sent to me :-)
As per usual, many people at the party were dressed as if they attend a prom night which I always find funny since being "fashionable" for me doesn't have anything to do with wearing glittery, over the top clothes, tons of make up and as much jewelry as one can wear...for me it's about wearing what you love, what you feel most comfortable in and staying true to yourself. I just wore a white men's shirt, a skirt from Zara and my favourite simple black ankle boots. The only thing that probably stood out were my bold pink lips. Right now I am so in love with MAC's Girl about town lipstick, I think it looks perfect with dark brown hair. SWOON!
Anyways, the party was okay, not as many people as expected and I also had to leave early because I have to write on my bachelor thesis, it is due on november 22nd and I am not as far as I would like to be :-) Therefore the lack of outfit posts. I promise it'll be better once my work is handed in! xoxo V


  1. Hey! Cooler Blog, Ladies! Ihr seht super aus!


  2. Danke! Deiner ist auch superschön, gefällt mir sehr gut :-)