Current obsessions

Current obsessions

Current obsessions by vivi1989 on polyvore.com

It is probably to late to do a monthly favourites post but I just wanted to show you what I am currently obsessing about in the world of beauty :-)
I guess I am the last person on earth but I finally got my hands on MAC's "Girl about town" and boy was I stupid to wait so long to get it. This color is FIERCE.FIERCE.FIERCE. I tell you, it looks incredible, especially if you have dark hair, though I am sure it looks just as nice on Blondes! Definitely a MAC Must have. I also started using my Benefit Sugarbomb Blush again. I love it! Best Benefit blush there is in my book. Since it's getting colder by the day I also use a lot of Nivea creme on my dry skin, I just dig the smell (makes me think of babies, don't exactly know why haha) and Carmex on my lips. It's the best lip balm on the market. I also love my OPI Pamplona Purple, it is such a pretty color and I think you can wear it anytime of the year. I recently got a Mario Badescu Night creme from Beautybag and I really like how it makes my skin feel. They have a lot of awesome brands on their website and I think shipping prices are okay. You should definitely check it out! And finally my MAC primer. I basically use this everytime I go out or I know I will wear my foundation an entire day. It really works and I also think it makes application of ANY foundation so much easier. Thank you MAC! :-)
If there's anything you think I should try or review, feel free, as I already mentioned in earlier posts, I am a Beautyjunkie, so I am always on the hunt for new products...oh and before I forget it, Outfit post on the weekend!!! Stay tuned, xoxo V

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