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Guys!!! It has arrived! FINALLY! Yesterday I got a job interview with the responsible ones for the Glossy Box launch in Austria and during that interview I was told that official starting date is Dec 14th. The minute I got home I marked it in my calendar. I also registered for the news letter and I advise you to do so as well, from what I've heard the content of the boxes, aka the brands that work with Glossy Box, are nothing less than epic haha at least if you're a sucker for make up and beauty related stuff haha I've been following the concept for quite some time now as in America this kind of thing has been very popular for years. They have the so called Birch Box there. So what is the Glossy Box about you might ask?!
It's a box filled with nice stuff. Every month you get 5 items, samples and usually one item in original size, for the mere price of 10€. And I am not talking drugstore brands, there are some really big names working with Glossy Box like O.P.I., Clarins, Becca, Lancome, Kiehls, L'oreal professionell...the list is endless. If you ask me, 10€ is a pretty good deal and if you don't like what you get, you can always quit! I also like the fact that when ordering, you can cite preferences of what you like and stuff. If you want more information click in the Link
Oh, and I hope of course that I'll get the job, a beauty junkie like me working for a company like Glossybox...a story made in heaven haha. Wish me luck guys ;-)
xoxo V.

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