Summer in the City

Swarovski Flagship Store


Clothes: F21, Shoes&Bag: H&M

Vienna surely has the Best ART there is haha
Hey fellas,
just got home from lunch and Frozen Yogurt with Nina. Delicious Delicious. (Ill post the pics of my Vapiano food later on!). I just have to say, just like Carrie Bradshaw dated NYC, I feel like dating Vienna. For me it is like the best city in the world. Loads of culture, there is always tons of stuff to do, it is super artsy, just breathtakingly beautiful and rich in history if u ask me, and so much good food :-O
Plus rents are rather cheap haha So Nina and I slendered through Vienna this afternoon, checking out all the tourists, listenting to a boys choir that sounded like Tibethian 40 y.o. Monks haha and boy that FroYo was just AMAZEBALLS!
Hope you have a great week. And fingers crossed Italy wins the UEFA Euro 2012 ;-)
Lots of Love, V.


  1. Nice blouse :)

  2. Wow, die Schuhe sind richtig klasse! Kannst du sie lange tragen, ohne das abdrücke entstehen und sie zu eng werden?



    1. Ja also ich musste sie schon so 3/4 mal einlaufen aber hatte sie heute mehrere Stunden an und weder Abdrücke noch Schmerzen ;)

  3. The display window is kind of interesting and the Art of Vienna even more. Got to visit that city some day :D