Wishlist: JUNE

So this is what I wish for atm! Don't know why but recently I've been obsessed with Essie nailpolishes (or polish in genereal...need to get those horrible nails fixed HA!) and also jewelry! If u ask me, it is the jewelry that makes an outfit and really helps dressing it up or down! And as of now I am obsessing over bracelets mostly. I think I've already mentioned it on the Blog once, but I am not the earing kinda gal. I just can't get past the thought that I look absolutely ridiculous with earrings...even though I'd love wearing them. I just don't like the way 99.99% of all earrings look on me. I am also not that big of a necklace person, unless they're really filigree and not chunky whatsoever...unless, of course, they involve studs. I love everything with studs. I guess I'll always be a tiny punk at heart :-) But I do loooove rings (have tons of them!) and more recently I've been hooked on bracelets as well....so there you go, this is what I'd love to have atm:

Source: google.com, asos.de
Nailpolish Essie: Sew Psyched, Navigate Her, All tied Up
One thing I also really want to have are new Ray Ban sunglasses. I already have the original Wayfarer ones in Black but my favourite design is actually the Ray Ban Clubmaster. However, it seems almost impossible to get here in Vienna, plus they are like crazy expensive (talking about 160€ girls!)...hmmm MAYBE, just maybe I can get me some for my Bday in August?! Then again, I need new shoes as well...Dayum! After years of Festivals and nasty weather my Converse shoes are about to give up and I really like these Palladium ones because they are all black. And I'll be attending Frequency Festvial this year, so I definitely need the shoes in case the weather sucks. I REALLY NEED them haha you know what I mean don't ya?!


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  1. I bought glasses like the black ones at H&M eternities ago for about 5 €!!