EURO 2012: The Players

So, right now every football fan around the world is joyfully watching the EURO 2012, hoping his/her team to succeed and surprisingly (though not really a surprise right haha) many women are watching as well. While I can not speak for all women, I know that some are just watching for the eyecandy aka pretty guys. Well, let's just say this...I am most importantly watching because I like the sport and not because of some pretty faces, but then again, a bit of eyecandy never hurts does it?! So here are my TOP 5 pretty faces of the EURO 2012:

Yohan Cabaye (France)

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Mats Hummels (Germany)

Niko Kranjcar (Croatia)

Simon Kjaer (Denmark)
So these are my favourites and no, don't get me started on Cristiano Ronaldo because a) I do NOT think that guy is pretty and b) he totally sucks in the national team which - thank god - means I do not have to endure too much of his "pretty face" on TV! Surprisingly none of the spanish players made it into the TOP 5. Maybe I've already seen enough of the Torres', Ramos' and Piqués' of this world hahahahaha

Ps.: How bad did the Oranjes play last night? I am shocked, angry and embarrassed. Not to mention angry because I bet 20€ that they'll win the entire tournament and these idiots play so bad...so bad! I almost wanted to cry. And I am usually TOTALLY against Germany but I have to admit yesterday was a well deserved win because at the end of the day, the Germans might not play the prettiest football (not that I would care anyways but some apparently do...) but they are usually always effective when it comes to scoring...Netherlands...obviously not so much! Fingers crossed Denmark moves forward to the quarter finals with them. NO MORE CRISTIANO, PLEASE!

Happy Thursday Ladies :-)

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