Recent Purchases

In light of me passing the Bachelors Exam I thought I earned myself some brand new stuff (though, as an avid shopaholic I, of course, always find a reason to justify u know). I haven't ordered from ASOS for aaaageesss! So I thought it was about time as there has been some stuff I have been eyeing for quite some time, plus, I needed new shoes. REALLY! My pair of Converse All Star Sneakers is completely torn apart after multiple winters and music festivals and so are me beloved Chelsea boots (well the latter actually have a worn off sole which makes me walk like i am drunk!). So here's what I ordered plus a pair of shoes from Zara (girl can never ever have enough of them right?!):

ASOS: wrap dress

ASOS: finally Palladium sneackers

ASOS: Chelsea Boots

ASOS: Bracelet/Ring thing haha

ASOS: Hippie Lace Pants *fierce*

ASOS: silver foil leggings
ZARA: Heels

Love, V.

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