I am back...

Woooohoooooooooooooooo you guys, I am a bachelorette now :-D
Soooo relieved to finally have this degree in my pocket and never ever have to think about an exam like that again HAHA celebrations it is! Last few days I've been rocking Viennas Club Scene, today is no excusion!

source: google.com
By the way, as a treat for myself I bought Essie's "Fifht Avenue" and this red is to die for. It is not your classical red but more of a red with an orange hint to it, like tomatoes I would say. It looks absolutely gorgeous on my toes, I intend to wear this color all summer long...well at least on my toes. On another topic, my nails are completely ruined haha I don't know why, I was so anxious and nervous this whole time before the final exam and I started biting my nails (something I haven't done since...well Elementary schhon!) and they look horryfying now..well what's left of them HAHAHA OMG!
Anyways, gotta go now, Nina and I check out the Backyard Sale Event at our favourite Club Pratersauna!
Keep u updated!

Glad to be back, missed y'all!


  1. GLÜCKWUNSCH :D Wusste du schaffst es. <3


  2. Ich habe dir einen Blogaward verliehen meine liebe V. !


  3. Polka dot on one and floral print on the other -- pure heaven! Brilliant style sense, ladies!