REVIEW: Maybelline 8 in 1 Beauty Balm

So about 1 month ago or something I got my hands on Maybellines' Beauty Balm. I was actually out to purchase something else and I am usually not someone to grab anything makeup related over 5€ spontaneously without doing some research but somehow I ended up buying it:

So here are my thoughts on it:

Color: The product actually comes in only one single color, some sort of peachy color actually and claims to adapt itself to ones natural skin color to ensure an invisible, clean finish. Well, that being said, it DOES NOT work! Sure, it is nowhere as bright orange on your skin as it is in the container but as someone that is on the rather pale/fair side I can tell you that it does not fully adapt. I somewhat ended up with a tan one would get with self tanners and in tanning studios. You know, when you have a tan that has a slight orange hue rather than what you'd get when actually lying in the real sun?! So I don't know but colorwise this doesn't really work for me.

Application: Apart from the coloration problem this does apply rather smoothly I have to admit. Wheter you use a sponge, brush or your fingers (though personally i think fingers work best!). Since it is kind of a tinted moisturizer it leaves a fresh feeling on your face and the skin absorbs it pretty quickly!

Coverage/Finish: One thing for sure, this isn't foundation. So if you want to cover up tons of blemishes this might not be the best product for you. It does give slight coverage though so that I only had to use a bit of concealer underneath my eyes and on smaller blemishes/acne scars to get a natural finish. Which leads me directly to the next point: I kind of like the finish. Since this is kinda supposed to replace your moisturizer it is very nourishing and leaves your skin dewy looking. If it wasn't for the color you wouldn't be able to tell I am wearing anything on my face at all. I like that. Though I do recommend using powder on the T-Zone if you, like me, have oily skin!

Lasting Power: So i wore this a couple of times and I have to say in terms of lasting power and keeping your face from shining this product sucks. BIG TIME! Like seriously, 1-2 hours after application+powder my face looks like it has oil all over. With this product my skin looks even more oily than it would WITHOUT the product at all. I was really dissapointed as I was looking for an alternative from wearing my expensive foundation everyday that would provide slight coverage and look natural. I think this Beauty Balm could work really well if you have very dry to normal skin but anyone apart from that I highly recommend staying away from it! Or make sure you ALWAYS have enough powder or blotting papers with you!

CONCLUSION: If it weren't for the crappy color and making my face look greasy this could actually work pretty well. Unfortunately it does not seem to be the right product for me so I will pass it on to my sister who suffers from very dry skin.

If you want more reviews like this, let me know.
Love, V.


  1. Hatte davon einen Tester. Kann dir nur zustimmen, total der scheiss..



    1. Haha ich sah aus wie ein karottenkopf auf schneeweißem körper xD schrecklich. ich weiß schon warum ich bei makeup immer so wählerisch bin!