Get the Party started...

Just some random pics from thursdays Party at our favourite location, the Pratersauna. It was a very fun but also very odd night (some 20 y.o. kid wanted to explain to me that cuz i turn 23 this summer my life is practically over and that soon i will have to take whatever comes my way and what not...i thought it was just hilarious. ^^ ) Anyways, I look forward to yet another week of doing absolutely nothing and enjoying my hard earned freedom after 3 years of struggling. And I still have my Master studies ahead. On another note, did anyone watch the game yesterday? How gutwrenching was that?! THANK GOD Italy won or else I would have been devastated :-O Plus, Fernando Alonso won the Formula 1 GP in Valencia. So I can say in terms of sports alone it was a goddamn good weekend.
See ya, V.

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  1. Echt süße Bilder. :)
    Ich war noch nie in einem Fotoautomaten! Muss ich mal nachholen :D
    Kleine Kinder die einem die Welt erklären wollen- ja sowas gibt es viel zu oft :D
    Ich mache auch nichts zurzeit- muss auch mal sein, haha. Das Spiel war super und Formel 1 spannend :) Freue mich schon auf Donnerstag.