Arm Party

source: google.com

Ok so lately I've been like reaaaaaaaaally obsessing about armparties. You know, when u r wearing so many bracelets your arm's about to fall off haha
I've always loved the idea and sometimes wear it myself though it is pretty tough for me because I HATE bracelets that are too big and slide up and down my arm everytime i move. For some reason this really bugs the crap out of me...and unfortunately most bracelets are that big, plus I have ridiculously tiny wrists (dayum!). Which is the reason my I have tons of bracelets at home and actually always were the same ones (so much for diversity huh!?) , however, as already mentioned, they kinda gotten into me recently and now I find myself on a constant hunt for new ones and by now I probably already have about 30 bracelets on my ASOS, EBAY or Nelly wishlist hehe but no money to buy them all (too bad!!!).
What about you guys? Do you like this trend (is it really a trend, I think it's been around 4ever?!)?


  1. Ich find diesen "Trend" echt schön. Allerdings ist es schwer eine gute Auswahl an tollen Armbändern zu finden.

    Klar, können wir gerne machen :) Was treibt dich wieder hier her?



    1. Ja, es ist verdammt schwer ne gute Auswahl zu finden. Für mich fast wie ne Lebensaufgabe ^^
      Und meine Familie wohnt seit 2007 in Deutschland :)

  2. The best parties are arm parties! ;)
    Sieht jedenfalls echt gut aus! Ich mags.