We found love...

H&M Parka, Zara Knitted Sweater, Nelly leather bag
Navy Blue coat from Mexx, Pink bag from Victoria's secret

Nougat dumplings with raspberry sauce, source: Freiraum
source: Freiraum
 The weather here in Vienna is super cold right now, so what better thing to do than spending the afternoon at our beloved Freiraum restaurant. I L.O.V.E. that restaurant. I think I almost know their menu by heart haha...but we can't help it, their meals are just too delicious :-)
The weather keeps getting colder by the day so right now I am on the hunt for the perfect winter coat/jacket. If you have any recommendations where to get one, without spending a fortune, feel free to share! Although I am a sun lover, right now I really enjoy the cold weather. Staying at home in comfy pants and my hello kitty slippers, watching my favourite TV shows (as of now Pretty Little Liars, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory,Vampire diaries and the new Sarah Michelle Gellar one called "Ringer") or reading a book and drinking all sorts of tea. And of course lots of sleeping! What do you love to do when the weather outside is cold?

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