Summer moved on!

left: my yellow Cambridge Satchel, right: Nina's Fluro orange Satchel

Seems like the last days of summer are over. Since friday it's been cold as hell and raining every once in a while. I know most people really love summer - including me - but for some reason I was kind of relieved the warm weather's finally done. Don't get me wrong, I really like being out in the sun,wearing flowy dresses, paint my nails in all colors of the rainbow...but somehow I really got in the mood for autumn and fall. I want to wear my fake fur coats again, my boots, I love staying at home the weekends, baking while weary cozy sweaters and my Hello Kitty slippers and just watch cheesy movies or sex and the city all the while the weather outside "sucks" :D Does this make sense to anyone?! And besides, I am so busy with work and university stuff right now, I wouldn't be able to really enjoy warm and sunny weather which would just make me depressed...so let's all embrace the seasons, and you know, when it's starting to get cold, christmas is nearing :D :D :D yaaaaayyyyy haha...stay tuned, xoxo V


  1. woher hast du die loafers???
    solche suche ich schon ewig :-)

  2. hab ich bei asos gekauft, hier ist der link:


    Sind sobald sie eingelaufen sind auch superbequem :-)

  3. du mit der fliege ganz in schwarz, tragst du da eine strumpfhose unter der schwarzen hose ?

  4. weils zwischen schuh und hosenbein so aussieht :)

    1. Haha nein, das kommt nur von einem fiesen Sonnenbrand weil ich immer vergesse meine Füße einzuschmieren ^^