Splashes of NEON

Hey Ladies,
finally back in Germany. Though Technology is already driving me nuts again. EVERYTIME (swear Im not exaggerating!!!), everytime I visit my Mum her Inet-connection crashes -.- And even when it works, it is so goddamn slow that i feel like i can watch myself aging. Plus, what is up with that freakishly cold weather?! I only packed summer stuff. I mean, yeah today it wasnt like freezing but yesterday...OMG I was about to unpack one of my mums wintercoats as i was freezing my butt off! CRAAAAZYYY!
A few more weeks in Austria/Germany and then I am finally off to Sweden :-) Can't wait to start my Masters degree in Fashion Management and meet all those fabulous people from around the world. As we speak of the world, right after my graduation in 2013 I plan a seriously long and exotic holiday as I haven't been anywhere close to a beach for ages!!! Right now I am thinking of South Africa, Thailand/Vietnam or Japan?! Any recommendations? I'd preferably have a beach somewhere near (going there by car would be ok as well) and I don't want to be in Europe a.k.a I want to be on another continent ^^ If you have any ideas, throw em at me haha
Ok now I've got to go and grab dinner...I can already feel the pounds on my hips piling on. But then again, this always happens when I visit my Mum or grandma (u know how they always say "kid youre too skinny u gotta eat something, why dont u take another plate bla bla bla...who could say no to that LOLz)

Love, Happiness and SUNSHINE to all of you, V.

Ps.: Did I ever mention...I luv NEON nailpolish haha


  1. omg the splash of neon is PERFECT.
    i love the way you styled it!
    and your rings are to die for!

    wow ! :) love it!

    anyways, been following you for awhile and never got a chance to comment until now.
    love your blog doll!

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

  2. amazing outfit!!you look stunning!

  3. Glatt sieht das Ombre hair noch geiler aus. Echt cool. Und toller Schmuck!!


  4. Super Kombi!