New Blog: itsthevworld.blogspot.com

Hey Fellas,
just wanted to inform everyone that I will continue writing from another Blog as this one is Nina's and my Baby and it just doesnt feel right continuing here on my own, especially since our Blog name translates to OUR little dreams :-)
I won't make a clean cut which means I will post here from time to time probably until mid August until I move to Sweden. So it will be a transitioning move. From September onwards I will write solely on my new Blog. I would be delighted if I could take most of my current readers with me, it would mean the world to me actually! If Nina ever changes her mind again maybe we can revive Nos Petites Reveries :-)
Anyways, here are some outfit snaps from today when the Sun finally decided to come out!

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  1. Deine Beine sind echt der hammer! Da kann man echt nur neidisch sein :)))
    Verfolge deinen neuen Blog natürlich sofort <3