Polischka Rockt

Hey guys, today I have a Blog introduction for you. You know, there are millions of Blogs on the net and while I do follow the usual suspects in the Blogger world but the Blogs that usually get me the most are the smaller, more personalized ones that don't feel like fashion editorials and advertisements :-)
Don't get me wrong, most of these Bloggers are dressed to the nines and really have exceptionate taste when it comes to fashion. It's just that I want to read personal stories! And I also appreciate if not all pictures look like a professional photoshoot. Sometimes it's just fun to see some entertaining party pics...
So this is exactly why I chose this Blog. Polischka, just like me, has a rock'n'roll vibe when it comes to clothing, she loves accessoires (just like me! cross necklaces anyone?! hehe) and I just think her Blog is lovely and a nice break from the high glam blogs that usually rule Blogger ;-) Polischka basically puts everything in her Blog, from fashion, cooking, to private stuff. And thats why I love it so much and check it DAILY! :-)
Here are some pics, check out her Blog here:

Love, V.