Orly: Feel the Vibe

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So I did it. Couldn't help it! Couldn't resist! I've been lusting for the Orly Feel the Vibe collection ever since I first heard of it and it didn't help that as of now I am completely and utterly obsessed with neon nail polish. And it also didn't help that everyone who got a hold of any of the colors was raving about it. So there you go: I JUST HAD TO BUY THEM! Luckily for me, as I couldn't decide for just one color and didn't want to spent a fortune, I got a package with all 4 of them, just that the bottles are smaller. However, for a nailpolish addict like me this isn't a big deal and actually a good thing as I have so many nailpolishes that they might would have dried out anyways, I mean lets face it, you can only wear them during summertime. Like usual, I got the polishes via Beautybag, they now permamently ship worldwide for free!
Oh boy, I can't wait to finally have them though I already know I'll get in trouble cuz I won't be able do decide which one to put on first haha

Love, V.

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